canada application process

7 steps to apply to an canada university?

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step 1

register with university hUB

We work with all major Universities across the Canada making us experts in guiding you to choose the right University / Course.

Our Expert Advisors can talk to you and help you with choosing the right University.

step 2

choose a University or a Course

Choosing a course or University may seem like a difficult task for you.

Our Expert Advisors can tell you which course will suit you based on your interests and previous grades.


Register and Apply to the University?

Prepare a word document with details of yourself, your education, residential address and family details.

Official Transcripts means the consolidated grade/marks card that you will get after finishing your graduation.

Many Universities require the student to apply for the transcript after graduation. You can apply for any number of official transcripts with your present University.

Reference letters can be requested from your teachers in college.

Many teachers are ready to give reference letters or recommendations for their students. Just ask.

It’s  a write-up about why you want to join the particular University in Canada, your aspirations after doing the course. This write up should give the selection board at the University understand your needs and aspirations.

Here you may have to prepare a resume as per Canadian standards.

Our Expert Advisors can suggest the best formats for you.

For non native speakers of English, Universities in US ask for scores of IELTS 6.0 Overall, TOEFL, or Duolingo.

The scores provide the correct status of your grasp over the English Language.

If you have doubts on which to choose ask our Expert Advisors.

Passport should not be nearing expiry dates. If your passport has 6 months period before renewal then you will not be eligible for visa.

Canadian government wants all the students who come to study to have proof of paying – tuition and housing fees, living expenses and return transportation. This ensures that the students have enough financial resources to sustain their stay in Canada.

Proof that you have paid both your tuition fees and housing fees for the length of stay in Canada.

Proof that you have enough financial resources in the form of bank draft or from sponsors like family and friends to support you for the living expenses.

Return Transportation – Tickets for your return to your homeland after the period of study.

They are contact numbers of friends or relatives who can be contacted in case you are in an emergency.

You are also required to pay the Application Fee. Most Universities applications require a fee. The exact amount depends on the University, but the fees commonly is between $50 -$150 (Some universities provide discount & app fee waiver)

You may be required to produce additional documents other than the above documents. Masters program document requirements will be references, personal statement and resume.

step 4

accept your offer

Once you have submitted your application, and if you are eligible/suited for your preferred course, you will either receive a conditional offer or an unconditional offer from the University.

If you have received an unconditional offer, then you are ready to pay the fee and then apply for the visa.

If you have received, conditional offer, then you might have to submit further information which is conditional to confirm your admission. There may be many reasons for receiving a conditional admission, a few are listed below(in case you get conditional offer other than the below listed items you can contact our Expert Advisors for guidance)

  • Conditional of you achieving min. percentage in your High School or Graduation
  • You achieve the minimum required IELTS score in all your skills etc.
  • Paying minimum deposit of fee towards your course

step 5

Pay your Fees

Pay either full fee or Deposit  towards your tuition fees to receive unconditional acceptance letter.

step 6

Apply for a VISA

Once you receive the unconditional offer letter, you can apply for the study VISA.

step 7

Get ready to start your new journey

Once you get your Visa, start preparing for your accommodation and travel plans. University HUB expert advisors will be happy to guide you.

start your study abroad journey

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