Skill Building programs from Computer Systems Institute

#1 - Customer Service Specialist Program

Professional customer relationship management through effective customer service is a specialty that requires understanding and mastery of a wide array of skills and competencies. The Customer Service Specialist program prepares students as customer service professionals with foundational skills in service operations and management of customer relationships. The importance of communication, customer data analysis, and organizational metrics are integral in maintaining quality in the customer service delivery and experience. The program’s theory and practice are delivered through classroom lecture and activities that reflect the diverse environment of modern organizations. The CSS Program prepares students for further study in higher education as well as a wide variety of careers.

No Of Credits



12 months

Tuition Fee

$1,500/quarter (IL)



CPT mandatory. Day 1 CPT

Student must have at least 33 academic weeks in the US before apply for this program. Work title and responsibility needs to relate to the program objectives.

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